Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How start breaking free from a narcissist

How start breaking free from a narcissist

Are you with a narcissist? Does your life feel complicated beyond belief? Is all of your anxiety typically centered around one person? Do you find that person gives you standards that you can’t keep up with, because their standards change all of the time? You may be with a narcissist.

Life is a narcissist is a living hell. One thing is critical though, you must divorce yourself from getting self validation from this person. Secretly this person fears you. They will go out of their way to tear you down. They will tear you down on all fronts, the will not stop. They are compelled to do this. Their actions, while they may feel personal, are not personal.

Realize the narcissist is unable to make those deeper personal connections that normal people make. They are unable to make friendships, and love relationships the rest of the population makes. Instead, they offer interactions that may look like friendships and love relationships, but they are not the same. The narcissist must interact with people to feed their narcissism, but you are only a source to them.

What can you do? You need to learn to step away from the relationship. You must begin to break those ties that bind you together. Breaking this type of relationship can be very difficult, it may feel impossible. To save yourself you must learn to distance yourself from this person. This can be something as simple as realizing their put downs, their rages, and their fits are not personal. When the person acts up, you need to learn how to deflect their actions. Whether this means walking away, not responding, or another action, it is important that you do not feed into their misbehavior.

It is critical that you realize that in dealing with a narcissist, they are not normal people. It is unlikely that they can ever be reformed into normal people. You will have set your own boundaries and protective walls around yourself from that person. Once you start this, you will have more power in your situation with your narcissist. Ideally, one day you should walk away from the relationship, and no longer have any contact with this person. Breaking free of your narcissist can be done.


At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just found, I am married to a narcisist! This blog waked me up from my miserable 35 years marriage. Our intimate relation is limited to rubbing her back until my arms are in pain. But she is great in homework, cooking cleaning. But seems cold as ice! Our conversations always ends in a lecture from her on whatever subject, telling "facts" proving that she is right. I could write a book on how a narcisist behaves!
Thank you for your "wake up call".

At 12:49 PM, Blogger Total said...

I was dumped by a narcissist. Let me tell you - it was one terrible experience. So, my advice - write a book about it and expose the narcissist for what a sham they are.
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
the book by Kent Daniel Glowinski



January 18, 2008 – OTTAWA, CANADA – Today, Canadian lawyer Kent Glowinski, age 29, released his first book “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”.

“Have you ever told a terrible ex that you would write a book about your relationship? This is that book. Rather than burn your bridges with exes, why not blow them to pieces?” stated Glowinski.

Through the over fifty poems set in various locations, including an IKEA store, under a Martha Stewart Duvet Cover, and at a murder-by-knitting-needle scene, Glowinski weaves together the story of a relationship gone horribly wrong - small battles over cups of tea, full-scale wars over an afternoon leek soup.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a book about falling in love with the unlovable: the arrogant, the self-centred and the narcissistic; and speaks not only in terms of the wreckage we leave behind when love implodes, but the different ways we couples communicate: through social class, different upbringings, values, and style of loving one another.

“This is the perfect Valentines day gift for an awful ex,” concluded Glowinski.

More information and book purchase can be made at www.narcissism.ca. Book will be in retail outlets/Amazon.com later in the month.

- 30 -
For more information:

At 8:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've spent the whole day reading up on this and have realised that Ive spent 3 years with a narcissist. I've spent so long looking for an answer and finally have some understanding of why He's like he is. I feel emotionally worn down and constantly tired. The critisism is never ending, the emotional battery is constant and his bizarre ideals have had me questioning and even trying to change my own beliefs for so long now. I have tried to break free of this person but he wont let me go. He is completely void of all emotion and doesnt seem to care whether im dead or alive but on the 2 occasions i have left, he has focused completely on begging me back, telling me how he loves me and my love for him has caused me to return to the same situation. Im at such a low ebb right now that im on anti-depressants and have been in hospital recently as I had a nervous breakdown as a result of his behaviour. I'm now going to work towards distancing myself and ultimately getting out of this awful situation. Thankyou so much for your blog!

At 5:56 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Good luck with breaking away, it is very difficult to excercise these people out of your lives. It was one of the most difficult things I had to do was to get that man out of my life. Stay strong!

At 12:54 PM, Blogger janam said...

after 40 years i am breaking it off and find the problem is my grown children especially a daughter has said she will not have anything further to do with me--has anyone else had their closest who should be supportve turn the blame on the one getting away.

At 8:32 PM, Blogger Christopher said...

Thank you for making this website. I recently had to end a nine-month relationship with a beautiful, charming, intelligent, successful, extremely talented, extremely sexy, and extremely interesting woman because she was constantly correcting me (often when she was factually incorrect), constantly critiquing me, and regularly saying things that struck me as being either thoughtlessly hurtful or else passive-aggressively hurtful. When I would try to gently, patiently but firmly tell her that she'd said something that had really hurt my feelings, she would condescendingly explain that I had misinterpreted her, that I didn't have faith in her motivations, and that if I wasn't so insecure and afflicted with low self-esteem I wouldn't misinterpret (and thus allow myself to feel hurt by) what she had said. When I would confront her with details that supported my assertion that regardless of her intentions, what she'd said had come out sounding very hurtful, she would shake her head sadly and tell me it was unfortunate that I was petty enough to carry vindictive, picky details around in my head just to try to corner her with them, and that she was uncomfortable with the self-loathing she was hearing in my words (which would definitely be appropriate for her to say if I'd been cutting myself down in front of her... but I wasn't! I was trying to make it clear that she'd said something that hurt me!). She always had a very, very hard time admitting to mistakes, or saying she was wrong, or saying she was sorry, or admitting that she needed help, or admitting that she needed sympathy; and I never understood why all this was. I began to have serious and steadily-rising concerns and worries about what it could mean- and what it could mean for our future together, despite the fact that she very much wanted to move in with me & get married, and wanted the same but was beginning to have misgivings. Over the course of months, these problems gradually became more and more apparent, finally leading me to realize that a) something was very wrong, b) my hurt feelings never seemed to mean anything to her, c) I felt taken for granted almost all of the time, d) my peacemaking attempts consistently resulted in me having to bear most of the blame for a disagreement, and e) I had done all I could but I wouldn't be able to take it much longer. I took us to two sessions with a relationship counselor but those sessions resulted in my girlfriend accusing the counselor and me of ganging up on her- and she found flaws with many of the counselor's observations. Finally, I broke us up- and she was shocked. We had a post-break-up limbo that lasted almost six weeks, during which time we still acted like a couple, but we finally made the real, true break a few weeks ago. The first few days were a joyous relief for me; then the next few days were sad, and surprisingly during the days after that I began to feel the pain of longing- which deepened into the sharp pain of doubt and regret. With the help of many caring, generous friends, I'm now riding out the unpleasant, painful days and weeks (hopefully not months, but maybe months) of what feels like hardcore substance withdrawal, and it's been utterly humbling- because although rationally I remember all of the reasons I broke us up (and good god, I was the one who broke us up!), my "heart" (or rather, some emotional part of my brain) has been causing me to remember everything I liked & loved about her- making me miss her intensely and reducing me to tears. A friend who heard my descriptions of her behavior suggested she might have "narcissistic traits", which led me to look up the psychological meaning of the term "narcissism". I was simultaneously shocked, relieved, terrified, and devastated by what I found: the resemblances between my now ex-girlfriend's behaviors and those of someone with so-called "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" were overwhelming. Before I encountered these terms "Narcissism" and "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" (or NPD), there was only a nameless gulf that existed between her perceptions of reality and mine; and while this was very frustrating & painful & demoralizing to me, even after we broke up I still held onto some hope that maybe someday there would be a way for us to find some common ground, close the gap, and perhaps even get back together. However, now that it seems very clear that she is a very good candidate for this "NPD", I feel like there IS no hope, there never WAS any hope, and there never WILL BE any hope, that we could ever close this bizarre gulf and really be together. I feel like I've just lost someone I love to either Alzheimer's Disease or autism; or perhaps less devastating, I'm realizing I fell in love with a beautiful, wonderfully appealing shell, without having any access to what lives inside of that shell. It's a terribly, terribly sad, painful, unsettling, and upsetting experience. I’m now doing my best to move on, and reading pages like this one is really helping me feel like I'm not alone in having an unfortunate experience like this. Thank you again, and sorry this message is so long.

At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you to all who have left comments, these are very enlightening. I have been in a very stressful relationship that I have tried to end for a year and a half. He uses charm, guilt, money, anything and everything to keep me with him until basically he's done with me. I see it and fear it. He wants to marry me but I don't trust him, at all. It's very clear I'm a tool for whatever he needs at the moment. Won't let me go but can't stand me for who I am. I hate the roller coaster ride more than anything. I am normally strong, intelligent etc...... what is going on!!!

At 11:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have spent over a week researching narcissism and narcissistic abuse and by the grace of God, have finally come to understand (and I mean FULLY understand) what it is and how extremely toxic and dehabilitating it is to be in a relationship with a narcisst.

A week ago today I ended my relationship with a Narcissist (or at least told him I needed a break - little does he know it is going to be permanent). We had been together for 4 (tumultuos) years. It took me that long to figure him out and it cost me in so many ways - I gave him everything - mind, body and soul and my life centered around him and his issues (and he had many!), I cried on every trip we ever went on, I lost my self esteem, I lost my value. I questioned every decision I made and slowly began to feel like my feelings and thoughts were "incorrect". It was a horrible, slow, destruction that happened behind the scenes, without me knowing what was happening. I felt like I was going insane. And of course, no one else could relate or understand. I also discovered that I am co-dependent - a narcisst's dream come true. He couldn't have found a more perfect "victim". No wonder he was the one who never had any issues with the relationship; he was getting exactly what he needed all of the time, and then some.

How it affected me? Don't ask him, he couldn't even tell you what my favorite color was. I never got my emotional needs met - never. Whenever I confronted him about him being selfish, self-centered or any other thing he perceived to be "negative" he would respond with anger.

A little over a week ago I was feeling just so over the whole "its all about me" thing with him. (and yes, believe it or not, we were actually talking marriage at this point). I said to him "I'm in a really bad place right now. I need you to do something thoughtful for me, something that doesn't involve you". His reply "Oh, you mean something other than the $1000 purse I just bought you?" (which, by the way was about 4 weeks ago and was for my BIRTHDAY!!!). He could never comprehend "thoughtfulness". After 4 years, he didn't even know me. Looking back, I made it easy for him, on Birthdays or Christmas, I always told him what I wanted. All he had to do was write a check and he was "off the hook". He didn't have to think, or be thoughtful. My mistake.

Because this disorder is not always blatant, it is usually very hard to put a finger on exactly what's wrong (even though you can't sleep, have trouble concentrating at work and wake up anxious on a daily basis) - you know that something is wrong.

Researching the disease gave me knowledge, and the knowledge gave me power and understanding which I then used to make the break. As I said, its only been 1 week (I've broken up with him about 10 times before, each time I went back because he manipulated me and said the right things). This time its different. I know too much. I know better. I am encased in a suit of armor that instead of being made of steel, its made of knowledge. I refuse to continue to provide him with his "supply" and get nothing in return. Did that for 4 yrs and I am not going to provide him with that anymore. I am also reaching out to everyone I can for support (which is extremely hard for me). I've emailed friends and although most dont know why I am ending the relationship, I just reached out and said "I am going thru an extremely difficult time right now, can you please check in on me once in a while and be part of my support system?". Again, totally not me but I know from experience that it takes more than "I dont want to see you anymore" to break up with a narcisstic. I equate it to fighting a war; you have to have a strategy, a support system (my army) and military intellgence (gathering of information re: the disorder).

What has also helped me stay the course and not cave is ... I wrote down a bunch of incidents where his narcissism was blatant (like when I was over his house one day, wanting to spend some time reading and mentioned to him that I was cold. Instead of him offering to make it warmer inside, he would go about his day while I was banished to the outdoors to read - 90 degree's and sweating). Hey, as long as he was comfortable. Whevener I feel sad or feel like caving in, I just go back and read this log. That's all I need. Its an in your face reminder of the life that I lived for too long. For me, these days are hard because I had such hope for him. I know that he is a good person and means well. I feel so sad for him because he is sick and will never be able to achieve a truly deep intimate close relationship with anyone - what a horrible way to go thru life.

A week ago I stopped by his house to tell him that I needed a break and wanted no contact from him, I gave him the book "Help, I'm in Love with a Narcissist" and told him to read it. Of course, I heard today, thru his therapist that he read thru the book and was mad because he has "only a few of the characteristics" and ... he also said "I don't know what her problem is". There's my validation. I thought my love could change him. I was wrong. The only thing it changed was me - and not in a good way. Stay strong. Stay gone. Save yourself. He will take everything from you and then some. Thanks for letting me share my story.

At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank all of you for your comments. I've been engaged to a narcissist for over a year and been with her for almost 2 years total. All of the comments from other readers truly help me realize I'm not the insecure and weak person my fiance paints me to be. When I try to talk with her about anything involving emotional intimacy she immediately gets angry and says I am a weak man and ends the conversation as quickly as she can. Anytime we have a conversation on anything other than superficial subjects she gets angry and is usually condescending in the way she talks to me. Even when I tell her I love her (which I'm learning that Narcissists usually react negatively to) she doesn't respond with the usual thank you or I love you too....I'm having a tough time leaving this relationship, but reading all the other stories I realize it's not if, but when I leave. I have to get out and I appreciate all the other stories. I must be strong.

At 6:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi everyone-
Just discovered narcissism as a psychological disorder two days ago when I typed in "I feel crazy" and the first thing that popped up was an article about how being with a narcissist can make one feel insane. Since then my brain has been spinning, and I know I need to break off the relationship I have been in for almost three months . . . thank God it wasn't longer. Unfortunately, I am feeling vulnerable and confused . . knowing I must end this relationship, but not knowing how . . . almost wishing it wasn't true . . . still calling him . . . hoping I can still feel some of the love and adoration I felt from him in the beginning of the relationship . . . ect ect. . .looking for support.

At 7:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the girl who left a comment above mine & of course to everyone interested. I've been dating my Mister Magnificent for over 9 months. It was about after first 3 months I've accidently learned about NPD. It explained all the bizzare withdrowals & sudden passionate outbursts, control, jealosy, absolute illiteracy and ignorance about feminine sexuality, needs, emotions etc. I should have 'run for my life', but, feeling deeply in love, I just couldn't. I had to stay longer hoping that his NPD is not that bad. We had a lot of fun and for awhile seeminly 'normal' relationship. Untill 2 weeks ago. He went into his 'withdrawal phase' again. Suddenly I woke up from the strangest dream feeling absolutely exhosted, drained from this emotional roller coaster. In 9 months I didn't have a single time when he would do anyhting for me sexually. He never even asked if I liked what was happening. The same with emotional issues, the same with a lot of other things. The bottom line is it is very hard to brake away from loving a narcisist. They are very good at making you belive that you are in a very special relationship. That you should feel Honored being with them. Stay in it till you cant take it no more, or while you feel you are getting something out of it. But unless you are a pathological mashochist, you'll run away at some point. Good luck.

At 6:00 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Let me just add that the holidays might have made your partner act out. Mine always began to act out right before a holiday/birthday/special event. It was almost like clockwork that it was going to happen.

At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stephanie, thank you for the comment about the acting out around the holidays and special events. I didn't know that. Now it explains the timing of all of his strange 'phases' & 'withdrowals'. Unbelievable.

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

If you think about it, it isn't surprising that this type of person acts out or when they will act out. Just think if anything is taking away attention from them, well that is when it is likely for them to act out.

At 8:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, thank you for your wise comments. This is the same girl who left 3 last comments. It seems to me that I'm generally attarcted to narcisistic type... I'm looking back at my past relationships. The guys I usually fall in love with have a high count of narcisistic qualities. Is there hope for me, do you think, to find a 'normal' great guy?

At 10:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After a pretty devasting Christmas holiday I again find myself trying to help myself cope with being married to a narcissist. He is a PhD psychologist to boot. I completely understand the personality disorder and know he has it. What I can't seem to do anything about getting myself out. For over twenty years now I have let myself be bullied and squashed and now feel utterly paralysed with fear to do anything about it.

My husband has now moved on to another level of abuse and that is extreme neglect. He spends up to ten hours per day in second life running around with a bow and arrow on some medievil island. I am so lonely I am at my wit's end.

I really need some help coping.

At 6:55 PM, Anonymous CoCoa said...

Hi All,

Here is my post from another site "Getting Past Your Past", you might want to visit it..Get out of the relationship with the N-Narcissist, NC - No Contact will give you the strength...



my response was..

I am fairly new here maybe 3 months and mostly reading before posting anything. I found this site by doing a google search about getting over a breakup/heartbreak FAST. Yes, I wanted to know how to get instant results so I could get back to being to happy, life loving me again. What I found out is that there is no instant cure and it takes hard work and for that I am grateful and willing to get this thing right.

My story is very much like Faith’s; I had just come to the end of the craziness of a relationship with someone who I now believe is a Narcissist. I have never felt so drained by what I thought was love ever before. I was sucked dry, my needs never met, no empathy, support or even an understanding word of what I needed in my life. In the first year my close friends saw what it took me two more years to see which was that man was not good for me of to me. I was on a complete high for the first 3 months when we first started dating, he was everything I thought I wanted….A dream come true. That was until I tried to get him to open up with what I call intimate conversation, he would not…after a few months he told me “We are emotionally incompatible” that was a new one for me and I thought I could fix it. How wrong I was, he started telling who he was and I would not listen. Words like “A man is only as faithful as his options”, “Woman are OK as long as they don’t talk too much.”. He never talked about any long term past relationships and the #1 problem is that he would never commit to the relationship. Whenever I talked about commitment he became defensive, rude and would point out my flaws. There were so many red flags I could have opened a store and sold them and been rich right now. I think it was either my ego or codependency that told me I should stay, that he was just a wounded, jaded soul and we can make this work. SO THE DANCE WAS ON…I would be miserable, tried to pull away and stay away, I would call him and the dance would continue, he would act like he missed me and we would make up and in less that 3 weeks or so it would be miserable again. Nothing please him and no matter what he always sarcastic, mean and verbally abusive. He would withhold sex/ intimacy to punish and manipulate situations…This man is a textbook Cerebral Narcissist. Used and abused me and then discarded me…All my fault.

Throughout the entire relationship nothing ever felt right for me and when I would try to address it he would flip on me, like what I was asking for was unrealistic and that I was being needy. I was confused about where I stood with him, everyone and everything was more important then me and because he would not talk to me we spent many hours in silence together. I walked on eggshells and it is funny because he told me he felt that he had to do that with me because I was so sensitive. Yeah right..I was trying to have a healthy adult relationship with a N, Completely impossible. I found out he was on daily anxiety medication after he ended the relationship he told me; what a way to open up right there at the end, how sweet! I own my part in this and I know that my being drawn to him has to do with my dysfunctional past, father abandonment and narcissistic mother.

Through being here ,being NC for good now, reading Susan’s amazing heartfelt post, doing the grief work, jounaling, the supportive network here and may bottles of red wine :-), I am stronger and feeling so much more alive. I have finally detached from my blood sucking banana-head narcissistic ex. I am comfortable and have embraced my single life again. I am no longer sad, confused and feeling beat down everyday. I am coming back to life and I feel it. Thank you all for sharing and caring about being happy, healthy and whole. I know our futures are bright- BREAK OUT THOSE SUNGLASSES…

Big CoCoa Holiday Hugs and Kisses to you All, 2009 is going to be one Hell of a YEAR..

At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have found this to be so interesting and to discover that it is not me at all. After 34 yrs of marriage, I often told him I am worth more than this and I am.
Thank you for all of this

At 3:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not alone.
I knew there were serious defeciency in how my man 'felt' the world and those around him.
I felt his mates were actually his audience. He surrounded himself with people that only agreed with his views. He dominated every conversation he ever held.
He was always right, never wrong. The household was set up to his sleeping waking eating schedules and boy watch out if you interrupted this. Of course i cooked the dinner, made the bed and crept around like a mouse if i dared be awake before him. Of course if i was asleep it did not matter.
All arguments became life/death situations and often i could not understand where all this malice came from.
My sister was donating a kidney, i was worried, he went out with the boys and screamed at me that he had the right.
I was always hearing about his rights. Of course i had none, only responsibilities.
My friend died, i cried, he turned the TV up.
All day every day i had a running commentary on how i should do things, how i should feel and what i should beleive in. his opinions somehow magically translated to fact for him.
We never rejoiced in my successes and now i can see the real threat he perceived it as. His special days had to be acknowledged though.
I can not remember the last girl DVD i watched - i could not choose.
Music was his choice, or otherwise i weathered a temper tantrum that could involve ranting/raving/insulting/threats/intimidation for up to an hour.
My money was ours to share, his money was his to do as he pleased.
I coud go on for ever, although I don't believe i need to as many people visiting here already know the overt and covert ways of a narcisist.
In the beginning i was wounded and he was charming. I needed someone and guess he could see that.
I beleived he was misunderstood, not so - i just misunderstood.
As i became more independent, the more abusive the relationship became.
Eleven days ago i snapped and told him to leave. This is after seven years of living with this man, he left of course directing the 'scene' - i don't care i am glad he is gone -i have not contacted him at all (very different from other splits with him, of which there have beeen many).
This is the end of the road for me.
I have been reading and realise there is nothing i can do to assist this man and besides that i no longer want negative people in my life.
For me an invisible non-negotiable boundary has been crossed.
I am still angry at him and at me for making a huge error in judgement.
But I am excited to be alone at last.
My day is peaceful.
I don't have to think through every thing just in case i upset the ever present cranky 'superior' being.Just in case I break todays rules.
I too have written a log of fifty instances/reasons why i shall stay away forever.
I am 43 and counting him and my last relationship i have spent ten years with a controlling, abusive presence - now it is time for me to actually find out who i am.
What a relief that I finally have found the strength to stay away. A shutter has come down, i realise there is nothing for me to do except cease any contact
One last thing i would like to say is : abuse doesn't lessen, it only increases over time.
No-one can love a person out of being abusive.
from serendipity

At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in a five year relationship with a narcissist. I spend three of the five years ending it. Lots of therapy and setting boundries hurt mentally and physically. I've been out of the relationship for two years now and although he has moved on to another woman he continues to call every now and then and leaves 'I love you' messages. I never answer or return his calls. My problem is that this man has broken my 'spirit'. Before meeting him I was a confident woman inside and out. Now although I know I'm successful and I have a lot to offer I am unable to allow myself to become involved with any man. I see myself in a different light. Any suggestions on how to regain the confidence I once had? I have not even dated....

At 5:39 PM, Anonymous loulou said...

anyone ever had to deal with an adult child (29) who is a narcissist? cant hold a job, no friends, still living at home..any suggestions about how to throw an adult narcissist daughter out of the house????

At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One month ago, I ended my friendship with a female classmate (grew up together) who is an extreme Narcissist. I am starting to puzzle myself and starting to understand why all my classmate and other friends do not get along with this Narcissist. I lost contact with everyone for 5 years, except one close friend (who kept me as a secret for years without anyone knowing). I spend a lot of time focusing on helping my parents coping with their illness. Last year when my mother passed away, I decide to invite this Narcissist back into my life as I need support during the difficult time and I had my mother's funeral on my 26th birthday.

I invited this Narcissist back in my life as a friend because I heard from this close friend. This Narcissist was happy, had a good job, lives on her own and was over with her break-up with an EX. I thought she may had changed for good from her attitude during high school. OH BOY, i was completely blind.

What happens is that this Narcissist is so demanding of my time, requires me to tell her everything (even any rumor/gossips about other people) to her. It all started last spring (May 2008). Before that, I helped her a lot by dealing with her grief over her break-up that occurred in March 2007)and i got nothing in return with my mother's death. All she said that I understand. She still acts like a nice lady.

I remember one event, I already knew her EX had broken up with other female friend. I did not tell this Narcissist, when this Narcissist found out, she immediately came to my house and tell me this exciting news. She realized that I already knew (she is a social worker/mental health worker) and got really pissed off that I did not tell her. The reason was that I did promised someone else because the news wasn't announced yet. She used "Betrayed" word all the time to make me feel guilty.

After that, she became more demanding to make sure I tell her what my plans are: malls, shopping, visiting relatives, etc. This Narcissist gets angry easily if I do not tell her where exactly I go. An event did happened on July 1st (Canada Day), i was cleaning my apartment before heading out to a relative's for the party. This Narcissist was very rude saying that "It turns me off when people say 'i'm going out' without telling me where exact they're going" I was so upset then I did not go to my relative's party, I went ahead to a close friend to vent out. Am wondering if that is normal for the Narcissist person to do that?

At that time I feel like that I'm in a sexual relationship (boy/girlfriend) with this Narcissist. I was so upset that made me block this Narcissist for two weeks on MSN. One day this Narcissist showed up at my house while I was peacefully doing my gardening, she said why block me? you betrayed me, and it was all misunderstandings, and she mentioned that she send me a message from her Blackberry to my email that she's going to stop by. I never got any.

I was ready to enter my world (to meet old friends, classmates, etc), I mention to this Narcissist, the names of two friends who I'd like to see, she recommend me not to because of those two old friends have an awful attitude. I kinda of put that part in my mind (withholding) it until the right time.

One day, this Narcissist came to my close friend's house/who I introduced to this Narcissist. I showed this Narcissist the renovation work (new floors, painting) I've done at my close friend's house and what experiences I have learned. She wasn't even interested in the colours, all she cares on who helped. I mentioned few people with my close friend's permission.

One week later, we (close friend and I) found out that this Narcissist has already spread the rumor and backstabbed us, she even backstab my close friend that she is a lousy teacher. We kept this as a secret for one month, we have done our investigation to make sure who spreaded the rumor. My close friend only invited 5 peopls into her home during the renovations, none of them had mention anything to anyone, except this bitch Narcissist did started it.

I have fought with this Narcissist for almost 12 hours (5 days) on MSN, all she did was deny that she did start it and puts the blame on someone else. She even put me down, my self-esteem went down, my happiness/joyful is gone. She even used my mother's death against me, insults me being the one who is EGOist, degrading people, likes to put people away from me.

ALL I WANT is to let her go and she blames my close friend for breaking our friendship which is 100% false. All it has done by this Narcissist, herself.

A little she know is that I ended the friendship by (removing all her family members off my MSN list, blocked all their emails-moved all of it into the block list) two weeks ago because I was afraid to cling to this Narcissist again.

Am I Narcissist or is She ? (this is confusing me)...

Thank you for all of your help. Sorry for long message.


At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My story reads like so many others - I was married to a Narcissist for 11 years. I was young and fell head over heels with the most interesting, charming, intellegent man I had ever met. We were quickly engaged and married. There were many exciting times, but like so many of you, I felt I was going crazy, nothing was good enough, I could never say the right thing while trying to comfort him (and he did need comforting often) I would try to keep track of what he wanted me to say for the 'next time' only to find that wasn't good enough either. The emotional/mental abuse began right away, albeit subtle at first. I have been drilled as to how I could have used so much paper towel over the course of two days, to being blamed for his not advancing in his career (he is highly intellengent as well as highly educated, but had over the course of our marriage been fired several times). When he loved me, I was the closest thing to heaven for him, but when I fell short (most of the time) he made me feel like a charity case in his sight. His emotions were all over the place, his threats to take his life were often. Our lives were like a roller coaster ride, the only good thing about his blowing up at me was I knew I was in the clear for a few days. After many difficult years (especailly around holidays), we separated (he couldn't stand being with me anymore), only to be talking about reuniting before I actually got on the plane. We were separated for a few months which helped me to see just how crazy my life had been. I did try again, but this time with a little more knowledge - I wanted our marriage to work so badly. I lasted three months, this time I realized I had to leave, it was the hardest thing I had ever done, I left with next to nothing. It was a nightmare, but in retrospect the nightmare was coming to an end. It has taken me a long time to get to the place I am now, with the help of family (his and mine), friends, councillors and books, I am 100% better than the tattered, shell shocked woman I was a couple of years ago. Circumstances as they are he will never be out of my life, however, dealing with him is made much more simple when it is only from time to time. I still care about this man, more like a difficult child than a husband; but I realize that for all my efforts, it was never going to work, these people can not love, not really in the way regular people do. I have been told that victims of these people should not take what is said to them personally, I wish I had known that at 25, pretty difficult anyway when the attacks are being directed at you. These people should not as they can not be in a real relationship. As lovible as they are, look after yourself and stay/get away, the abuse is only ever going to get worse, believe me.

At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just finally stood up for myself and ended a relationship with my best friend of six years. Not only was she my best friend, but she was my roomate and we shared a room. I am stuck paying my share of the rent because I cannot get out of the lease and refuse to live in the toxic environment anymore. It has taken months of therapy for me to end this relationship and still feel confused about the whole situation, regretful and heartbroken and feel that it is the narcisissm that makes me feel crazy I am a victim of a narcistic relationship and have just realized it. I will not be sad or hurt anymore, because it is my friend that has a disorder, not me!

At 4:51 PM, Anonymous Susan said...

I can relate very well to Christopher's situation above. In fact, it felt like I was reading my own story when reading his. My problem now......it's been three weeks since I ended it with my narcissistic fiance and I'm having a very hard time. Like Christopher, the first few days were such a relief, but now I'm having depression, anger, etc. I miss the good part of our relationship very much. I'm trying to remind myself of why I ended it with him, but it's becoming harder and harder everyday. I know the reasons behind my decision, but I just didn't know it would be this difficult now. Does anyone have any comforting words or ideas for me? I need some help to get through this.

At 5:12 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

You know, this isn't an easy fix, there is no solid list available if you do these 10 things that everything will be better soon. Advice that I can offer.

1. Be around positive and nurturing people, if they aren't, don't hang out with them right now.

2. Remind yourself of the bad times, write them down, that way when you start feelings soft towards that person, you have in black and white what was so bad in that relationship.

3. Take extra good care of yourself, nurture yourself, bubble baths, hold a puppy, do things that make you feel good about yourself.

4. Take time to decompress, and forgive yourself.

It does get better, but it isn't easy, nor does it happen instantly.

At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you to everyone. I think I'm finally understanding that this is more than I can handle alone and that there is no shame in that fact. It is sad, but time to face the facts.

At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Susan, Sorry for you pain and your difficult break up - to comfort yourself, continue to tell yourself (as I do) that there is No Way this relationship would have worked out, NONE. There is no matter of self sacrifice, no amount of understanding, patience or anything else that you can offer that will make this work - your dream has ended and that hurts, but better now that 5 or 10 years into your marriage when circumstances, children and finances would complicate things.
I have been separated for over a year, a nasty divorce is imminent, I am in a low income bracket, live month to month, trying to rebuild my credit, my education and my life - I am raising kids on my own and sometimes feel the loneliness of doing it on my own. Hardly the life I imagined when I married a successful, educated, devoted, man.

HOWEVER, I can honestly say I have not been more settled, happy, confident, satisfied and independent than I am now. I realize too that no loneliness I feel from time to time, compares to the abject loneliness I felt in the marriage. I can't say I regret my children or my experiences that have brought me to the place I am, but there is a part of me that wishes I had known better, much like you. Count your blessings truly, as tough as that is. Sorry for your pain - but time really does help. take care and have confidence, you made a right decision.

At 9:00 PM, Anonymous Susan said...

I think I screwed up today....in fact I know I did. It's been a little over a month since I ended my relationship with my narcissistic fiance and I was missing the good times really bad today, so I texted him and told him that I would like to talk. Then I said "Would that be possible?" He texted me back and said "No". Of course, this was just another blow to me...and I feel very silly for writing/texting him. I should have known better. We have known each other for 3 years and this was our third breakup. Our relationship was always good for about 5-6 months each time we reconciled, then it would take a turn for the worse. We would end up arguing, etc., because I would become so very frustrated with his hot/cold, on/off attitude. It drove me crazy! This last time that we reconciled he asked me to marry him, and I said yes, then two weeks later he told me that we weren't "officially engaged". Of course, that upset me greatly. Then he told me that he wanted to wait another six months before even making any wedding plans. At that point I had just about had it with him. Also, everything was always my fault. Always. When I tried to talk to him about my side/situation, he would become extremely angry. It was as if he couldn't see my point of view on anything.

So, by now, anyone reading this would be wondering why I had a lapse in memory and contacted him today. I've been asking myself this question too. The only answer that I can come up with right now.....when our relationship was going well, it was such an awesome relationship...in every way...friendship, companionship, sexually....everything. But, the moment I questioned or showed the least bit of frustration about anything, then he would turn cold or angry. I think this was when he wasn't getting his narcissistic supply that he desparately needed.

I truly want to move on, but I know in my heart that I'm just not right with myself yet, and that wouldn't be fair to start dating someone else when I'm like this. So here I am....an attractive 52 year old woman that normally doesn't have trouble getting dates, have a good paying career, doesn't hurt for money, have two wonderful grown sons that love me, have a beautiful granddaughter, and yet I'm sitting home alone on a Saturday night in emotional pain. This makes no sense to me. I've been asking myself "Why am I doing this to myself?" The truth is....I don't have an answer, except maybe that this is going to take a long to recover because I believed in him in the beginning and gave him many, many chances, but he just can't be a normal person, with normal feelings. He tried, but he could only keep up the act for 5-6 months at a time.

This whole situation is so very frustrating for me. I wish I had an answer or plan of action to help myself recover.

At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi i've discovered that i am a codependant and through this discovery i am living with a narcisstist. and its a total nightmare. i am leaving him 2 moro for the hundred time over the last 7 yrs and i finally have the tools to do so from reading this blog. i love him so much but there is nothing of me left.i meet my old friends and i know they look at me in disbelief because i have changed so much. i have let myself go so much and am an emotional wreck.i can't go into the delails of all he has done to me over the yrs it would take too long and i don't have the energy.i know there is hope anything is better than this. my children have been effected badly by this situation so i have to rebuild there lives as well as my own.i told my partner what he is and he did look it up but never said a word.he thinks i am the only one with a problem and that im the mental case.know i have a long rd ahead .wish me luck.

At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been in a relationship with a narcissist for 16 months. I knew something was wrong after he moved in with me at month 5. That's when a friend told me he sounded like he had NPD. And yes, he does. I stayed, foolishly, through the habitual lying, the womanizing (and every time he had an "explanation"), the inability to experience intimacy and all the selfishness. Then one day in January 2009, he punched me in the eye during an argument (he was drunk -- surprise! They are usually drug/alcohol abusers, too.) He moved out and on our court date, I dropped all the charges (dumb) but kept a restraining order (smart). We kept seeing each other off and on and finally, yesterday after weeks of his manipulating ways, I told him our relationship was no longer productive and that I no longer wanted to be a part of it. (I've also been going to therapy which has been amazing.) So there. He keeps calling and texing and the beautiful thing is I am ignoring his calls and not responding to his texts. And I am happy about it. I've cried many tears along the way and can't express how relieved I am that I am free. I have been waiting for this day for many months. Don't wait, girls. You could be injured severely or dead. They are highly unstable men.

At 5:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentleman consider yourselves fortunate that you were only co-dependent on a narcissist. Your condition is treatable. Try to imagine for just a few minutes what it is like to actually be the person who never felt real love from their parents and therefore has no basis from which to operate from. Imagine being sentenced to live the one life your given in prison. Imagine knowing what most other people are able to have and knowing deep in your soul you were never allowed to have it and never will. Imagine being trapped in a box from day one, being forced to dance for your dinner every waking moment. Imagine never, ever, ever having anyone listen to you with empathy and not pity you for being born. Imagine never being close to another human being emotionally. Imagine having no real emotions. Imagine being afraid of your own shadow, having to brag constantly to feel alive. Imagine having to sigh or cough to even know your alive. Imagine being so dead inside and knowing that you were never really alive.

Oh you fortunate co-dependents that can go through a few month's therapy and move on with your happy lives.

Find a cure for narcissism and the world will beat a path to your door.

Rick Shepard

At 12:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am frightened by what I have been reading both here and on the internet. I am completely in love with a girl that I have dated before. For as long as I have known her, I have not been able to give her any type of criticism. Her view of the world is that EVERYONE but her is completely incompetent. When I offered the opinion that she might be a little judgemental she became extremely upset. I have learned that it is better just not to criticize her and just to go along with what she thinks to avoid confrontation and arguments. She is very unemotional and when I try to speak to her about sensitive or emotional subjects, she gets angry and tells me that I'm a baby or too emotional. I tell her that I love her and she insinuates as much to me, but will not say it to me. I am a very romantic person and my advances are met with contempt. She is only happy when I am doing things for her or spending money on her. When I ask for any type of affection she becomes annoyed. She definitely feels as though everyone is jealous of her and she dreams of being able to become wealthy and throw it in everyone elses face. For a long time I have just accepted this from her and adapted to it, however, I find myself constantly questioning whether or not I truly matter to her. I feel as though if I were to threaten to eliminate contact with her, she wouldn't even care. I am terrified that I have invested and committed so much into our relationship that it means nothing to her. I intended on asking as to whether people thought that she might be narcissistic, but I guess I have answered my own question as I have written this. Is there no hope? I love her deeply and would do anything to save our relationship. I am sure if I showed her the definition of narcissism that she would deny that she possesses those traits and would be angry with me for assuming as much. I just don't know what to do. Any advice is welcome.

At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

IT took me 8 years to figure out what a controlling, narcisistic, and manipulative man I married. For years he has put me down and rejected me because I didn't meet his physical standards after I gained 20 lbs after pregnancy. I was told to be thankful that he used porn and didn't go out with other women when I confronted him and told him that his porn addiction was hurting me. He is obsessed with appearances. Constantly staring at other women around me and giving me the mean, "I can't believe how you look" once over. He is so good at getting me to take the blame and do what he wants and think that it is my idea in the end, when it wasn't what I wanted at all.
Fight after fight that just shut me down and criticized my very existence. He constantly put me down for how I was raised (like I could change that!) I stopped talking to family and friends because he didn't like them, but he never told me not to talk to them, he just convinced me it was the best thing or guilted me.
I finally said we should separate and the monster grew! My spirit has been sucked out of me. I gave and gave to please and now I want to leave and it is so hard. I have a young son and I don't want to hurt him. boy does my husband use him against me when I say this must end.
When I say I want a divorce, my husband gets scary and says things that somehow make me back out. I feel like such a wimp. I don't know what to do. I want to leave, but then I don't because he mellows out. I need some XENA power or something. How do you divorce a narcissist?

At 5:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This forum is a relief for me. For all those living right now the a narcisist, just leave. The road to recovery still goes on after you leave so don't waste too much time trying to leave your partner. I left my partner after 2 long years, with the shirt on my back and my dog in a house I bought and stupidly handed her half of for free becasue I thought I would give her a new start in life. Well she proceeded to try to destoy my life. She tried to keep me away from my family and friends, she was verbally abusive, she accused me of everything that went wrong, blamed me for everything, I couldnt talk to her in the morning until she had her coffee, if I didnt fold the sheets the right way, big fight, because we victims try to rastionalize with somebody who is like a devil. I could write a book, but they need to find another host to continue their path of destruction. I was so very grateful that she did find another host, and then our house was resolved. She completely damaged it and made me pay her off so i can get my house back. I don't even know if she knew when my birthday was. She has a weird drug addiction also. She never would do drugs around me and she never even admitted she had a problem with it. It was like it never existed. A year after I left her we said our goodbyes, and as she told me how to act in another relationship, she gave me the intimate details of her new victim. Here I am still trying to recover from this nightmare and I already know what her significant other looks like., Please everyone, pray to god for the strength to leave, and then its time to heal the pain and destruction these tornadoes leave behind.

At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've just been dropped by a year by a man I believe to be a narcissist...here are a few signs to look for:
When it isn't only his partner that comes in for critisism, close friends can't even do enough, no matter how much they try, putting family first is a cardinal sin in his eyes.
I gave all that I could give to him and the relationship, by his own admission...yet when I needed reassurance or support, he couldn't understand or give it, the no empathy thing is a big give away. Even the e-mail that dropped me was about his own pain.
Look at his family, my mans father suffered from the same thing, his brother beats his wife. My mans wife left him after 21 years, just walked out, that is what I was trying to heal, instead of looking at why she left him.
He would ask for imput workwise, it took me a while to realise that he only meant positive input, not honest.He calls honesty negativity.
He is a perfectionist, methodically organised, considers himself work orientated, focussed, driven, yet can't concentrate due to taking on too much at once.
Walking on eggshells is a fair comment. If you wrong him, he won't discuss, he will teach you a lesson instead.
He won't admit that there is anything wrong with him, how can perfect be wrong, any suggestion to the contrary will be met with disdain, he always knows better.
Any of this sounding familiar??

At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! It is so helpful to learn that I am not alone. Almost 9 years in a narcissist marriage and I am trying to get out without losing my mind. My loved one pushed me to sexual extremes I am ashamed of because of his fetishes. The worst mistake I ever made was marrying this man. I just hope to get out with my soug.

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just came to terms to all of this,by coincidency and talking about my boyfriend with a collegue at work, i discovered the devastation of this mental illness. In my case he got involved with scientology..which made all worse.we just broke up again, and im finding so hard to hold on. Just texted him and got a cold reply. I shouldn't but i kept insisting on talking things through, although i don't believe we're rigth for each other since we met 2years ago(i just turned 42,and he forgot, he is 28).From runing to me all the times he switched to not wanting to talk at all..in a week he moved on and "re started his life"completing ignoring me. What do I do?I feel like ive done wrong by him.although that was only because im single mum of 2 and working extra hours to keep my sons confortable..sometimes too tired and wanting a hug but the only thing he wanted was sex all night. That made me go off him..so much. We dont have much in commun but sex is great, however he is constatly wanting more and more and likes to hit me and hurt me,which i like in terms but sometimes he's gone from pleasure to pure pain, and that i dont like at all.How do i do? Don't want to go back but still feel bad about it. He made me feel as if i'm the wrong person in this..because he said i didn't wanted him to come over and sleep with him.when all i wanted was to be cared and held some times in the night, but he just want sex,sex...Help me please.

At 6:57 AM, Anonymous L said...

I'd like making him realize what he lost.I texted and he replyed soon after, but didn't want to meet,said was busy.,now i don't want to meet him anymore.I never met someone so insensitive.He is so self-centred, he talks about him as someone special "the best", he wants to be powerful and rich and respected,yet hes got a very low paid job for the 2 years since we met, used to get very angry and looked disturbed when i confronted him asking why he doesn't look for a proper job..Deep down I know that hes there because hes so low self steem that actualy working in that place, makes him feel big,most clever as people there are younger trying out in a foreign country without maybe not many options apart that one,but he says that crap job is easy and that hes got time to study, because he is into that rubbish scientology CULT,that sucks people dry..hes so messed up. To me hes a failure!Ive broke with him so many times, but as soon as texted he would come running..things had been getting from bad to worse and I was avoiding him because he would text me and ask to come over, I most of the days over tired, wanted him to be romantic,normal..make love and sleep!But he never was satisfied and would try or wake me up as if i was an object..in his head he was the best in bed too,(but actualy I discoverd that he was using viagra to keep going, how insane is that?when hes more than 10 years younger than me?) and needed so much me to confirm that.he would text me everytime to ask if I liked the night before, he needs to feel needed!Once I asked him to go for lunch, he skint was over chosing everything, then in an hour he asked to go bk to my to have sex, i said no and he started drinking shots of wisky i tryed to start a conversation but he ignored me playing on his mobile, so I stood up and left him there. He went mental and text me ordering to tell where I was, and then went to my sons school to wait for me,that day i noticed how control freak and insane,disturbed person he is..he then met me by the school gates and was uncontrolable upset,about to cry asking me why i was doing that to him and saying how much he loved me.I kept asking him to go home and talk later as that was not the best place and he was just making things worse, but he followed me and than i tricked him in the streets and hide in a cafe, from there i saw him passing by.. i was so nervous..but then we got back someday later!I happened again and he showed to be bully,pushy,intimidating,control freak and completly out of control! He gets very strange when i didn't do what he wanted and would deny that never gets angry, this is because the crap cult teach the ignorant, unknowledgeable followers that if you get angry you are actualy a low level in a ridicoulous scale they use! I just want to forget him but would love to turn him down so he can remember who the looser is!Even tho I know he wont as hes is an emotionaless lost soul!He is completly psychic and have this idea that was trying to make me better (god knows better from what), but he can't take the arguing anymore ( he called arguing and I called conversation). So now I'm trying to move on, although its been only few days since we had the text blow..Really want to move on from this low life sick emotionaless man man that thinks hes so good and clever and that everyone who meets him is a winner, when in reallity hes a dark cold cloud that only brings envy,sadness, negativity, lies and fakeness to peoples lives..quite a danger to have a man like that involved in listening to people who had difficult times in life and use cult in despair, when what they think they know is so shallow,basic crap taken from books written by an unstable N like him!I've read people"s experiences with N before, but all the time was thinking that we could somehow work things out, but as you see too many, too messy. Keep asking me why I let this come this far? Why I didn't stop this when my gut feeling was so strong?What really has driven me to such an empty human being?Why?

At 5:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, hi.

Today I finally made an active decision to break away from any sort of further communication with the Narcissist I was involved with for good.

I emitted some tears because of it, as she had offered me a very exciting and fun way of life.

But as I am emotionally very sensitive, I need to connect with someone who is emotionally literate too. She wasn't and my intuition noticed this right from the beginning. From the superficial laughter and seeming interest in everything that I had to say, to spending £300 on me after just a few weeks for holiday as well as making out she was ultimately balanced spiritually and mentally, my intuition just would not let my heart go.

I had wanted a relationship for quite a while and clung onto her. Also of course, I was the supplier to her. I started loosing myself and my individualism to fulfill what she wanted from me and from the so called 'relationship'.

Only when I started challenging her moral ideals, when I started disagreeing with some of her notions did I see a pattern and contradictions in her behaviour.

I was only with her for 4 months but this was my first relationship. I am 23 and am careful whom I get involved with. This has taught me to follow my intuition and keep observant for my benefit, get to know who I am and stay intact with humility as well as achieving balance in relationships in so many ways.

I was unfortunate enough to come across her, but fortunate that I can now spot a narcissist easily enough and can spot the telltale signs.

There are more out there than people think.

After we broke up (two weeks later, in which it randomly clicked after a a series of thoughts and Google searching out of curiousity!), I wanted some closure for both parts. I questioned her about the aspect of her life she was most out of touch with and scared of: herself and her own emotions.

With long discussion and almost arguments, she pathologically lied in one instance, she became very defensive and told me not to go near her, in which by 120 minutes approx, she broke down in sudden tears and claimed that the majority of her friends were 'stupid'. She had no empathy, no idea of emotional competence and was hostile/saddened/lonely/insecure to a high degree.

A very different description to whom she claimed she was at the beginning; balanced, spiritual, fulfilled, happy, content, meditative and progressing well.

Folks it is sad, for they are hiding they're true selves under a blanket and have done for years, but we are not therapists and indeed trying to get a narcissist into a therapeautic sitting room to address their problems are hard enough: they self-indulge excessively and can see no imperfections. And even if they exclaim they do as she said many times,they do not mean and say it for the sake of gaining more admiration.

I must admit, I was whisked away by the exciting lifestyle. Narcissists, because they are so persistent in doing as much activities in their daily lives and leaning toward set goals idealistically, can be very successfull. Often if they have talent and capability in the field of expertise they choose, they are very successfull, but never-the-less, emotionally weak and for the rest of their lives, unsuccessfull in relationships of most if not all.

Unfortunately if one wants to exercise empathy to a large degree and try to help a Narcissist, it is almost impossible.

I thought I could do it, but I cannot. I have decided to let her go and move on. I know I am not perfect and I know the mistakes I make in life, and as long as I am in touch with myself and learn from whatever I can do, then that is good enough.

Born alone, die alone. You come first.

At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have any stories from Narcissists in Michigan? That's where mine is working at this time?

At 4:06 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

I don't have any state specific stories, you will find they all have very common themes. Sad, but true, but there is one thing for certain there is life after them.

At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read through most of the comments here. It's important to distinguish between being a true narcissist and having narcissistic qualities.
Many of the people writing here wrote about the n using drugs but many drug addicts will reveal what seem like narcissistic qualities but drugs is really the main problem.. Not the narcissism.
I think I'm in love with a narcissist as well. I will also share that about 10 years ago I was also diagnosed as being a narcissist. But I believe I have recovered forthe MSG part but most do not.
I say this so to try to give some understanding to those people who have been hurt by a relation with a narcissist. Please try to understand that in order for them to be so incredibly self absorbed that they must have had a teribbly painful and traumatic childhood where basic love was deprived of them. Not to excuse the behavior but the pain they probably experienced was so great that this was how they developed to focus solely on their selves maybe because nobody else did. They live in their own worlds which is full of extreme extreme pain and believe it or nor deep deep feelings of worthlessness and a fear of abandonment that pervades everything. They seem to not have empathy because they have been so hurt they have shut off their emotions.. And hAve locked them away somewhere because it was not safe to feel them.
Anyhow try to see how deep in pain these people must be to act in such a way and maybe it can help you feel better.
I wish you all stength and love..
solace to those hurting

At 2:44 AM, Blogger annie_123 said...

I am stunned, shell shocked and liberated ( I think) from reading the comments above. I met my husband 13 years ago and he gave me all the love feeling I thought I was looking for.
I now recognise the method of my destruction. Anger withdrawal, criticism, constant torture which I allowed to happen to me. I risked the love and respect of my sons and family to be with this man. After 7 years I asked him to get out as I could take no more. He then decided he would commit and that we would marry. I was doubtful, but so happy that the man I first fell in love with wanted to marry me. What a fool I was. As soon as he had me he began the constant cycle of emotional abuse. I being co dependant, felt it was my fault and that loving him would be enough.
We have been married nearly six years and during those years some of our marriage was good but when it was bad, it was truly awful. He told me he felt frustrated with his career and that he wanted to go travelling again. I agreed and he went for six months planning to meet up with me in south east asia.
I then discovered that he had been having sex with prostitutes from INdia to Cambodia to Thailand. Eventually, I met him in Thailand and he told me everything, even taking me to a bar to introduce me to a prostitute he sslept with a week before I arrived. During that month, the emotional abuse was so bad I thought I was losing my mind.
He then told me he had met a prostitute and felt he was in love with her. He promised to return home and 'try and work things out'
Instead, he extended his stay and has told me and his family via e mail that he is in love and that our marriage was over before he left. Unfortunately, he neglected to tell me!!!
I am broken, in pain and in danger of losing my home. True narcissism is the most evil ilness that anyone has to deal with. The fact is you cant, you can only repair and heal. I hope to God its not too late for me

At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been in and out of relationship with my girlfriend (lesbian relationship) for over 6 years. It has been a hellish road to ride! We break up after a huge blow up because I finally explode from the craziness of it and we don't see each other for months at a time. During my breaks, I build up my spirit again and just as I am starting to feel happy I get the phone call. Now, my problem is I'm addicted to the sex. This seems to be the only place she connects in a loving, sweet way. Maybe this rules her out of the category, but she fits all the other descriptions. She is in chronic pain, on pain killer medications, on disability, smokes tons of pot, and drinks coffee for breakfast. Talk about self absorption! Everything is wrapped around her "pain". She is a pain addict and requires much sympathy and attention. In the beginning she will act so sweet, present, and healthy, but by week two the real her comes out again. I get roped in by sex endorphins and keep waiting around for the next fix. She gives me just enough to keep me hooked. I have since joined sex and love addicts anonymous. I am gaining support and tools of others in abusive, neglectful, painful relationships. Let's hope this is the final time for me! The problem can't be fixed with them. Only we can fix ourselves.

At 6:42 PM, Blogger androloyd said...

I have experience ten years of covert narcissism from my (female) partner. For more information on this disorder search for Sparkster on Hubpages.

At 1:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been in a long distance relationship with a narcissist for 2 years now. I moved in with him 5 months ago, knowing it wouldn't work. I saw red flags very early on, but chose to ignore them. I guess I felt sorry for him and didn't have the heart to cause him more grief... as he had lost so many loved ones. I started asking if he was bi-polar. The things he does are unbelievable! It's worse than dealing with a 2 year old. I keep my phone with me at all times.. he calls me as many as 12 times a day. If I don't answer, he starts leaving message after message. Either that of panic, wondering if I were hurt (or dead)... or messages full of accusations. He's never asked me for money, but I gave till I was broke. He puts $100.00 on his credit card every week for me, but I would only use it to buy groceries. He also pushed me sexually. I can't tell you how often I've said, "I've never done that for ANY man before". He constantly says things like, "Oh, you're so lucky to have a man like me... no one will ever love you like I do... you're crazy about me, you can't live without me". I have the most beautiful eyes and yet, he can look deeply into them. I don't have much money, but I do have enough to get back home... and I am leaving in a week. Strategy is so important. I know he will call, cry, beg... he's done that before with just the threat of me leaving. But he doesn't know that I'm leaving... and won't know till I'm gone. He will also not know my new location. All ties will be cut. From what I've read, that's the best thing for both of us.

At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First I would like to say that I have found peace of mind from all that I have read here. To keep it simple I too was involved with a man who fits most of your descriptions but with a slight twist. He claimed to be passionate and caring about animals, committed to charitable projects and the environment. I feel deeply in love with all of that but when it came to relationships I should have known. He was over forty and at constant odds with his family and coworkers all the time. He had no friends, had never been married and clung to stories of how his past girlfriends had all cheated on him (mostly referencing high school). As time went on he became verbally abusive, constantly accusing me of cheating. The energy I wasted trying to please him could never be measured. In one breath he made me feel like a I meant everything to him and that he trusted me, the next like I was no better than a one night stand. I was perfect for him, I'm an expert at loving those who are difficult to love. I wanted nothing more than to please him...it has been a little over a month and I have not responded to his hurtful emails or the sweet ones that followed. After reading this blog, I will never look back! I realize he is a sad individual who is completely empty. What an awful existence to live a life with no meaning, never feeling anything real. I remember thinking I wish he could feel the pain he caused me, I think he already has..what could be worse than not feeling. I would not trade places with him ever, even after what he put me through.

At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It amazes me that I am not the only one that has dealt with the pain and suffering that came with the relationship I am trying to get out of. Everything was wonderful when we met - my knight in shining armor. But the honeymoon period lasted about a month. For the past year it has been nothing but fighting, accusations of me cheating and talking to other guys (which I didn't do), dealing with his infidelity and lies and the verbal abuse that came along with it. We would break up and as soon as I would gather my strength, he would knock me down with his abusive comments and then in the same breath turn around and tell me he loved me. We took a "break" about a month ago - he IMMEDIATELY got into another relationship with this thing he had been cheating on me with the entire time. We spoke last night, had a great time and he said we would work on us. I was thrilled - I thought I finally had won and it would be better. No sooner do I get into work in the AM, that I get a text saying we need to break up. I am in a daze. I am confused, hurt, emotionally broken and feel like I can't break away no matter how hard I try. Every move I made was monitored. I couldn't go home to see my parents because in his mind, I was meeting someone else to cheat. I was diagnosed with cancer - he didn't care. I have been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for the past 2 months, have not had positive results, yet it's all about him. I need to break away and move on... I need the support to do so... It's the hardest thing I feel I've ever had to deal with - yet I'm battling cancer. The hurt is so intense. All of my friends have basically stopped speaking to me with the exception of 2. Before him, I was confident, I went out, I was able to hold my own. After him, I'm petrified to go out (because only whores go to bars - yet he could go out with his friends and drive to see his cheating partner who is 9 years older than me)... Support? Advice?

At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea Me!
I am getting out withing a month, plans made, after 4 years of hell.
I too ignored the red flags. NPD love their games, especially in public. I went online about a month ago, typed in "how to manipulate a N.", and did it work! Remember! Never give up!
I come from 2 NPD parents, sexual abuse, ect. I had my own business, my own money and life, when i met N.
I have no money now, but started up my business, and am moving hundreds of miles away!
N. can teach you one thing,,self reliance!
Take it and run away from these awful people who feel NOTHING!

At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well i have to start by saying God bless all of us and may we all get back what was tooken from us in Jesus name. I am married to a man for 9 years now and have been living a very lonly and sad life for the longest time he made me belive I was the problem and that I need to change He stop me from my friends family and every day life . He is Mr. perfect and can never be wrong all ways right and know every thing he has no frinds cause he trys to control other peoples toughts and words he wants respect from every one and no one is ever good enough find somthing bad in every one its just me and my 2 kids and how about I can say and it is so sad but he even gets jelouis when I show love to my kids he is very mean cant do anything without his say so makes me feel like I am nothing without him tells me that he is the reason why I have good things in life. When we would fight and i would try and leave he would all way buy me expensive gift to bring me back saying it would change but less then 2 weeks later it was the same and maybe even worse he has the have the best of everything loves to show off never cares about my feelings . wow now i know who he is thanks guys

At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Maybe tonight I'll get some sleep.

At 7:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been there and done that...went out on a date...he moved in..eight months...saw red flags and ignored them...told him I couldn't do this.. broke up..tried again...scared to be in my home at times...low self esteem...financially taken advantage of...anti depressants and xanax..hard to function at work..found out he wasn't going to work on time or at all..OCD tendencies...alcoholic...constant put downs and corrections...constant attention to himself...ah the holiday comment is enlightening...right before his birthday I told him to leave and the police needed to be present when he got his belongings....I somehow realized that he had NPD..went to a counseling and this was confirmed immediately with little or no explanation....I made a ring tone in garageband software that says "Don't answer the phone" he is listed as narcissistic in my phone...he comes to the beach that I frequent Stand Up Paddles right in front of me...he parades up and down the beach...he has a twisted view that he is among friends but they are mine not his...after months of not speaking I tried to address some issues with him...was captured again and fell back into the same web and pattern...somehow still feel like I failed in the relationship but know that loving a NPD is impossible...having no way of assigning closure to this relationship makes moving on very difficult...I told him contact needed to be limited if I was wanting to enjoy my current relationships with people and started forward relationships with anyone new...he responded by telling me he is seeing someone new and the pattern begins again...no contact is best..accept not being able to have closure...he looks for victims with the same attributes and it is hard to accept that you are easily replaced....another victim will always be found...he hated my children, friends and family...I am trying to be overjoyed with the fact that I did not loose my friends, family or life....Thanks!

At 10:20 AM, Anonymous CGF said...

I'm wondering if anyone has come accross a narcissist sociopath?
I am in a court battle from an assault from my ex boyfriend. almost 2 years of non stop fights to where it ended in him almost killing me and getting arrested. From sexual assault to bodily harm.
We have been in court as he is being charged with both.
There is a difference when they have both issues and you are the recipient of this abuse. I tried breaking up with him many times and he would not accept it and stalked me relentlessly. 150 text a day, from begging to bagdgering and berating all at once. Rage as I have never seen. Drunk or sober. Drunk brought the beating, sober was the mental.
I am a very strong woman and never have been in this type of relationship let alone understanding it. I ran and he ran after me. The only stop to the madness was him getting arrested and forbidden to come within 65ft of me for a year and a half as the court continues. Any advice on coping with the fall out?
he says this is the fun part for him and that he will get even with me. are these idle threats or need I be worried?

At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also in a marriage with a self-centered narcissistic man. I have been tortured for 14you years. Recently started going back to church seeking God's help. The N even tries to destroy that for me. I told him tonight that I wish he would die so I could spit on him, and really do wish he or I one would die. I think that is the only way out of this HELL.

At 3:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all you who are thinking of leaving your N.S. I would say do it,and don't go back.I left about ten times,and stayed with this man almost eight years,and I paid a horrible price.Filed for divorce 11-18-2011,and it does get better.I made it a point to break all contact ahead of time,and I mean all.Email deleted new cell phone number,and moved out of town.Went to court this past week,and promised myself that I would not make eye contact with him if I saw him.Well why his female attorney,and my attorney were in a room.I was setting down the hall on a bench.I was looking down,and just praying,and as I began to slowly lift my head I seen his feet,and let me tell you I got up and ran,and never even seen his knees.I say this to you because I want who ever is reading this to promise yourself your children that you can do it.The N.S. will always Manipulate they do not change.

At 3:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to die,and almost did it in 2010.I thought how can I get a way from this N.after doing this I snaped,and told myself he is not worth it,and started getting things in order for almost one year,and I filed divorce last week,and Im starting to feel better,and you will too.Who ever you may be know that you can make it.My sister let me move in with her,.

At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in a very precarious situtation because my ex and I pray I can keep him an ex narissic significant other was in jail and has to leave me alone for two and a half months due to a protection order. If I never saw him again, I would be a happy woman but he has possessions at my house and a court order that protects them. I am truly afraid of him and when he finds out for certain he's not getting back in my life, I know my life will be worthless. He tried to kill me this last time and even the state police officer that handed my complaint warned me that the next time he will try harder and will keep trying till he murders me. I honestly do not how to get away from him and I sure do not know how to allow him to believe all is well with us and I just need a little more time that will soon run out once again, I thought about running but there is no place to run and no place to hide.

At 3:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me start by saying I know your pain to all of you. I was in a 23 year relationship, married for 15. The only effective weapon that can get you free is Awareness & Silence.
Arm yourself with knowledge so you can start to understand that is not you. I found this knowledge in a page called "The Soul of a Narcissist". It was like uncovering a well mastered diabolic plan to keep me prisoner and make me believe I was crazy, make me feel I was unworthy, ugly, uninteresting and annoying. This is what my husband did to me. Needless to say, like all of you I spent years trying to please the unpleasable.
Awareness is the first step to healing and detaching.
I am in the process of a divorce and no matter what I do, he continues to contact me and apologize and trying to make me believe he has changed. Be aware they do no. They get worse with time and they are masters of disguise and deceit. Just to get you back and start all over again.
The second key weapon is silence. Whatever you do, do not reply emails, texts, call etc. They feed on conflict so by all means let them talk to the wall. I am almost there. Waiting for my decree and ready to start enjoying my life, and recovering all the great friends and family that he manage to keep away from me.
Take it from someone who was there for too long. You can do this.

At 2:42 AM, Anonymous ray said...

This is where i got into allot of stuff I didn't even understand, but it all ended the same way. Needed more spells, more money, and

nothing ever worked like these so called spell casters, physics, mediums, wicca's, pagans, egyptian magic spells, or anyone else

said. Literally I spent over 50,000 on spells in just 6 months. Let me help you out there, the people reading this, I have literally tried

almost every spell caster out there and they all just took my money and made promises that they could not keep. 50,000 dollars

worth of broken promises and lies. In all honesty its not even about the money. I would gladly give any amount of money to have

my love back, but it was about the empty hopes and promises. The constant torture of thinking she would come back and didn't.

The emotional roller coaster that these people put me through should be against the law. At one point I almost committed suicide.

Had it not been for the kids being there I would have and would not have thought twice about it. Then with the last bit of dignity

that I had I turned to freemercytemple@yahoo.com . I didn't have any money left at this point and had lost about all hope in ever

getting twinny back but i still contributed with the little i have and with hopes with the email and advice i was meant to do anything,i

just did as the freemercytemple@yahoo.com said in 6 days i got twinny back begging to forgive in what ever way she has

offended me and with this spell casting i am happy again with my only lover.

At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too going through the exact thing you did. I never knew about narcissism until I wondered why my boyfriend had no emotions and it popped up as this disorder. He is charming, sexy, loving. But as time passed we fought and I thought I was going crazy and everytime us try to leave he'd email me a few days later like nothing was wrong!! It was overwhelming. I think of him every minute of everyday. I was suckered in do much at a time when me and my husband were having issues and now I feel completely horrible fir letting this happen. I was so in love with someone who isn't there. He now knows my deepest thoughts and feelings and uses them to get me back telling me he will destroy my life. They really are demons and devils walking around this earth. Sometimes when I looked into his eyes I seen that devil with a glossy blank stare that he'd give me. He's a professional, he sleeps with other girls who are dumb like me at wee hours of the morning. He prays on married kind who are lonely and then used them for sex only. He wants no attachments unless they benefit him. It's all about him. I will never he the sane again and have no idea hiw to break free from someone I love so much.

At 4:30 PM, Blogger anonymous said...

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At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lived with a narcissist for a year and 6months. I'm a personal woman great with money. I had 795 credit score its probably a 2 now. I helped start "OUR" roofing company, now I'm 50,000 in debt he says I owe him. What you lived here and did not keep your promise to pay me back 1000. For rent and 1000 for business. Well after he got what he wanted he didn't work he sat arount saying he was posting on Facebook about calling him for the best in Virginia. Well he borrowed more money to buy a flat trak bike and that's where all the money went, thousands of dollars spent on that and every weekend go racing. Never giving me money from so called profits, always this insurance is. Die or something. But can go ride EVERY weekend. We argued alot he never did anything special because I help get it started, in the romantic area he would push me away for months then give me a 10 second waist. So I moved upstairs and did resource about narcissist while he stayed in my master bedroom, what person does this. He might of paid something3-5 times. I mourned and was over him months while I was waiting for the time to kick him out he would not leave even tho it is my house and hes not paying for anything. So now I got him out he did the try to get you back trick, I only had lunch with him, he got a expensive hotel. Nope I did not stay. Then on way to eat he put his keys in my purse we both forgot LOL so when I left I told him I need money to pay house payment nope, lime I really want a panties waste..well my phone was blowing up at 6am please bring my keys I said for 50. Dollars I will and he had no choice. Yup I got money first burn! But then he came over to see if I wanted to chill at my house I said no I have plans. The nest day I posted how I started the roofing business on Facebook and I'm broke. He called me at 11:30 laughing. Then 2days later he called I was with my new bf and put on soeaker he said I was scum and if he ever sees me hes going to bitch slap me and hold my face down till I can't breath, my friend " male" friend grabbed phone and said his name I heard everything and am taking her to police to press charges, narc hung up..we did he's in trouble they are charging him with a felony for life threat. He hasn't been served yet, so next day he text me at 8an Have a great day, I didn't respond then he called left a message, I have some of your things where do you want me to put them? I didn't respond. So at 1:30 I was talking to my neighbor and he drive up but passed us and stopped at other neighbor but this neighbor said he wasn't home so he got in his can and left, yeah what things? He probably tampered with whatever it was. But have not heard from him today again. My bf said he probably drove by 5 times to see if a man came over to comfort you... lol he looses and it felt good, not easy not to text to say well where is my stuff? But I didn't..what a creep I might loose my home I'm 50,000 in the hole...BANKRUPT for me but I still win!!!

At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow and holy ummm yeah you got it.. 4yrs in a relationship - I gave up plenty for love... in the ast couple days by falling upon the NPD.. I figured out WTf I couldnt put my finger on...what hurts more than anything else is realizing i gave love and treat this woman like a queen... made breakfast, coffee and started her car every morning... if it was hot - the air conditioner is on - cool the heater... made, brought or bought lunch and made or bought dinner, gave expensive gifts of love for no occasion at all... I was made to feel guilty, she is controlling, I ha to give up facebook and couldnt interact online with my kids in another state, no messenger apps are allowed, I was made to stop drinking.. and no im no alcoholic... she was busted 3 times for DUI - and if I had a glass of wine with dinner and scotch with my cigar at night... I was classed as destructive to the relationship..had to give up going to hookah lounges... if i went trips for business - forgetit - my cell rang constantly... who you with, why you lieing, whos in room, where did you go, how much did you spend, what did you buy me and are you sure you love me? HOLY WTF - at this point every time i have cigar - its world war 3 --- im an ass... im inconsiderate... I stink.. and she refuses to have sex or go anywhere even after I shower and clean up... as of late... "you have a cigar, no sex" I say - No sex - i get a cigar... tried that... we didnt have sex fo 3 weeks... every time my cell rings for business... or any reason really... junk email in the middle of the night.. whos that - what do they want is it woman - This SHIT... is sickening.. good thing im a Sagittarius - and when I've seen the lite... believe me... my ass is bolting for the door... I suggest anyone dealing with this crap... cut that shit loose... dont focus on the what you lost or wasted or the time... focus on G-d and whats best for your well being...thats what I have to say...


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